USAV Age Group Breakdown

Age Group Breakdown for Girls & Boys Volleyball

Please see below for age groups for the 2021-2022 season as described in the USAV Age Definition Chart.  As a general rule, 12U = 4th – 6th grade; 14U = 7th & 8th grade; 15U = 9th grade; 16U = 10th grade; 17U = 11th grade; 18U = 12th grade.

Players must play within their defined age group, unless they are “young” for their grade.  Example, a freshman with a July 2008 birthday may register for 15U with their grade peers, or they can choose to play 14U.  No special exception is needed in the case of “young for grade” players; please registered for the level you feel is the best fit.

Players who are “old” for their grade must play in the correct age group as defined below; players may NEVER play down.  Example, a sophomore with a June 2006 birthday must play 17U.

Questions about age definitions?  Please email us before you register.

Playing in older age groups in Maine Juniors:  AKA “Playing Up”

Any high school player may tryout for the 18 National team without restrictions.  If not selected for the 18 National team, the player will be considered for teams within their own age group or an approved age group.

Any player who is eligible for 14U or 12U teams who wish to play in an older age group needs to contact John Rasza, Director of Maine Juniors, for permission to do so.  Factors to be considered will include:

  • That to not do so would likely hold them back in their development; and related discussions with parents, the player and coaches as needed regarding the appropriateness of the decision.