Team Parent

The Role of a “Team Parent”(s)

Team parents are an integral part of every Maine Juniors Volleyball Team. It’s a great way to directly help your players team!

If you decide to become a team parent, the most common functions might be:

1. Make sure players are squared away for travel arrangements, as asked by coach. This can include just knowing in advance that everyone has a ride/who’s going with who, what time we need to be where, are we “caravaning?,” to finding a good hotel for the group and making reservations at a good price (can work with our Travel Coordinator for these two items), to organizing who will bring snacks this trip, to secret buddies for the trip, etc.

2. Collector of all the coaching evaluations mid-season and end of season and will mail to Director.

3. Helping to be sure uniform orders are complete and on time; distributing uniforms when they come; can also be “all things apparel” such as helping girls to choose and order team socks, for example.

4. Another fun chore – and very helpful to the coach – can be organizing a team building activity (ex. pizza party) or end-of-season get-together.

5. Delivering equipment or delivering fund-raising items, where applicable.

6. Organizing parents and girls to do set up and clean up when hosting home tournaments

7. The above are tried and true duties, but it’s nice to have someone you can ask for the miscellaneous stuff that may come up, so a “and other duties” is a good throw-in at the end of the job description.

The key to being a successful “team parent” is to work closely with the coach, to take initiative, but to also communicate closely with the coach as well as all of the parents.