Our Clubs

A Program for All Skill Levels


Elite Level Teams

Elite level teams, also known as Open Level in New England, include high school players in the 15U, 16U, 17U and 18U age groups.  Maine Juniors elite level teams have the labels “National,” “Gold” and “18 Regional.”  These teams are composed of experienced players, and require a higher cost to participate, have more practices each week and extended travel experiences. National & Gold teams should generally expect to participate in the most out-of-region (“National” ) travel for tournaments. The exception to this is our 18 Regional team, composed of only seniors who wish to keep playing at a high level but stay within the New England region.  The most Elite teams require a higher level of commitment from the players when accepting a position on a team.

*All players who accept a role on a team have a commitment to that team.*


Club+ Level Teams

Club+ level teams offer a bridge between the Elite/Open level and the Club level. They exist at the 18U, 16U and 14U age groups.  They straddle or combine the experiences and commitments of the Elite and Club levels.  They will participate in one or two extended tourneys in New England, such as Winterfest or the Boston Festival.  They may play either at the Club or Elite (Open) level in those 2-3 day tourneys and the 5 New England (NERVA) tourneys. They strive to be at the Elite level and, therefore, will attend Open-level Qualifiers, in the attempt to make the Elite/Open level of the 5 NERVA tourneys. They have three practices per week and the additional tourney experiences to support their growth toward the Elite level. There is greater cost and commitment to be expected at Club Plus level than one would expect at the Club level, but somewhat less than expected at the Elite level.

*All players who accept a role on a team have a commitment to that team.*


Club Level Teams

Club level teams practice once or twice a week and remain within the New England Region, participating at the Club level in the 5 NERVA tournaments.

*All players who accept a role on a team have a commitment to that team.*


Local Level Teams

Local level teams practice once or twice a week. Southern local teams do not go to the five NERVA tournament. Northeast and Central Maine Local level teams generally do attend the five NERVA tournaments.