Team Flyers


Below you’ll find links to the 2022-2023 club season Team Flyers.

Each flyer contains general information surrounding each team such as: Head Coach, uniform packages, tentative tournament schedules, practice locations, dues, and more. Tuition fluctuates from year to year because it accounts for team tournament costs, uniforms, and travel costs.


**And don’t forget about our mandatory parent meeting during tryouts!**


RegionTeamTeam Flyer
Saco12U BlueTeam Flyer
Saco12U NavyTeam Flyer
Saco12U WhiteTeam Flyer
Saco14U Club BlueTeam Flyer
Saco14U Club BronzeTeam Flyer
Saco14U Club CopperTeam Flyer
Saco14U Club NavyTeam Flyer
Saco14U Club WhiteTeam Flyer
Saco14U GoldTeam Flyer
Saco14U SilverTeam Flyer
Saco15U NationalTeam Flyer
Saco15U SkyTeam Flyer
Saco16U BlueTeam Flyer
Saco16U Bronze-AzureTeam Flyer
Saco16U Bronze 1Team Flyer
Saco16U Bronze 2Team Flyer
Saco16U CobaltTeam Flyer
Saco16U CopperTeam Flyer
Saco16U GoldTeam Flyer
Saco16U NationalTeam Flyer
Saco16U SilverTeam Flyer
Saco16U WhiteTeam Flyer
Saco17U SkyTeam Flyer
Saco17U NationalTeam Flyer
Saco18U BlueTeam Flyer
Saco18U BronzeTeam Flyer
Saco18U GoldTeam Flyer
Saco18U NationalTeam Flyer
Saco18U SilverTeam Flyer
Saco18U RegionalTeam Flyer
Lewiston14-NervaTeam Flyer
Lewiston16 RegionalTeam Flyer
Lewiston16-NervaTeam Flyer
Lewiston18-NervaTeam Flyer
Lewiston18 RegionalTeam Flyer
Boys14UTeam Flyer
Boys16UTeam Flyer
Boys18UTeam Flyer