Skylyn Vokey

Skylyn Vokey

December 17, 2021


14 Navy


I have completed the Impact and Safe sport trainings so far in my coaching career!

Coaching Experience:

This will be my first year coaching, but I am looking forward to many more years in this position!

Playing Experience:

I played all four years of my High School career on both JV and Varsity as a libero and I was captain of the team for 2 years! I also played beach volleyball and for Maine Juniors winter league for several years.

Coaches Outlook:

I am hoping for an all around fun season because in my opinion when you stop having fun, you stop playing. I am also hoping to watch players grow throughout the next few months. To me, it’s more important to take risks in a game setting during the off season. I’d rather have players learn a correct approach and hit with a 10% success rate and challenge themselves than to go the safe route and send over a free ball with 100% success rate.

Why I Love Coaching:

I loved watching my friends grow as players and giving each other feedback. I’m extremely excited to be to do this in a completely different role and know I made a difference in a players ability to play and life as well.

My Day Job:

I work as a preschool teacher by day. I have been doing this for several months now, but have been working with kids of all ages since my freshman year of High School!


I live in Windham Maine currently and have resided here for the last 18 years!

Favorite Food:

I love crab rangoons!

Other Info To Share:

Looking forward to a great season and being able to look back in just a few short months and notice so many results!