Olivia Kent

Olivia Kent

December 17, 2021

Team: 16 Silver
Coaching Experience:

I was given the oppertuniity my junior and senior year of high school to run the captains practices over the summer and throughout the off season.

Playing Experience:

I have been playing volleyball since 8th grade. I played 3 years of High School Varsity and was named the MVP and Captain when I was a senior. My sophomore year we came in 2nd place in the state championship game. I was awarded All-Conference Honors my senior year as well. I played for Western Massachusetts Volleyball Club and we were able to travel to Orlando Florida for nationals at the ESPN world wide or sports in 2018. I am continuing my volleyball career at Saint Josephs College of Maine where I am currently a sophomore.

Coaches Outlook:

This year I hope to help the girls on my team become more confident in their skill set. I plan on working to the best of my ability to improve every player individually and as a whole team.

Why I Love Coaching:

I love to coach because I love being able to share what I know with others. My favorite part about coaching is when you help a player to fix a mistake and they apply your correction and make a great pass, or get their serve over the net etc.

My Day Job:

During the day I am a second year nursing student at SJC


I am originally from Ellington Connecticut

Favorite Food:

My favorite food is chicken cesar salad

Other Info To Share:

I am super excited to be coaching this year!