Matt Nguyen

Matt Nguyen

December 17, 2021


16U Head Coach


SafeSport certified
IMPACT certified

Coaching Experience:

This is my first year coaching with high school students and with Maine Juniors. Previously I’ve coached for a non-profit girl’s recreational volleyball program.

Playing Experience:

I started playing volleyball in my sophomore year at Holy Cross. I played mainly as a DS for the men’s club team. I’ve competed in numerous tournaments and played in many leagues. I jump at each and every opportunity to play, including both indoor and outdoor.

Coaches Outlook:

My aim is to provide players with a safe and fun learning environment on court while also making sure they excel in the sport overall. I firmly believe the best way to further develop our skills as a volleyball player is to constantly practice and play. My goal is to challenge players physically and to play with passion and vigor. By incorporating precise techniques and diligent practice, the players will better both their athleticism and proficiency in the sport.

Why I Love Coaching:

I am incredibly passionate about volleyball and i am excited for the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for the sport with young athletes. I am looking forward to seeing the boys program progress in the years to come in Maine.

My Day Job:

Assist and help manage a family run business


I was born in Vietnam and immigrated when I was seven to Portland, Maine.

Favorite Food:

I indulge in all the great food the Portland area has to offer, but I remain very health conscious in regard to my diet. But when I have a cheat meal, I like to binge on peanut butter and ice cream (dairy free, of course). 😉

Other Info To Share:

I enjoy strength training at the gym, doing home improvement, running, and playing tennis. Each year I like to travel and explore both domestically and internationally. When I do travel, I make it a priority to look up social volleyball groups as this provides a way to make new friends and network.