Liz Arcaro

Liz Arcaro

December 17, 2021

Team: 17 National

– Art of Coaching Volleyball Head Coach Certification – Level 1
– Impact Certified
– SafeSport Certified

Coaching Experience:

My first year coaching was with Maine Juniors in the 2018-2019 season.

Playing Experience:

I started playing volleyball my first year of high school (2000) at Gorham High School. I played for Maine Juniors as one of the early teams when it we were know as Portland North Blizzards.

During my time in college (2004-2008) I played on the UMaine Club team and intramural’s.

Since 2008, I have played in many adult co-ed and women’s leagues and tournaments both indoor and beach. I moved to North Carolina in 2009, and during my 7 years down there I played: beach women’s and co-ed doubles, co-ed 3’s, co-ed 4’s and co-ed 6’s. I also helped start a beach volleyball group for adults and run tournaments and leagues.

Since being back in Maine I have been playing in leagues and open gyms.

Coaches Outlook:

My goal is to pass my experience and love for the game to the players I work with to help them grow on and off the court.

Why I Love Coaching:

I love coaching because it allows me to have an impact on younger players like I had coaches do for me when I was younger. It’s exciting to see the players get better as they develop their skills and also grow their confidence in playing the game.

My Day Job:

CSR/Account Manager and Graphic Designer


Gorham, ME