Janey Martin

Janey Martin

December 17, 2021


16 Bronze Martin


USA Volleyball Impact certification
USA Volleyball SafeSport certification

Coaching Experience:

I have coached two seasons of 5/6th grade YSF youth volleyball back in Iowa where I moved from and 3 seasons of club level volleyball at the 13U, 14U, and lastly, 15U grade levels.
Here in Maine I had the privilege of coaching the 16Bronze1 team last season for Maine Juniors.

Playing Experience:

My hometown’s volleyball began in 7th grade and I played all 5 years in school.
Freshman year in college I walked on and played a season then transferred for NROTC scholarship to a school without a volleyball program.
I play pick-up on the beach or in our yard with family and friends, but have a full schedule of supporting my five active children so don’t belong in any adult league.

Coaches Outlook:

Volleyball is both mental and physical. I am looking forward to challenging players again this season to push their boundaries in both areas and to become the best version of themself both on and off the court. Consistent hard work, positive attitude and a willingness to step outside a comfort zone are components of both a team and an individual’s development and progress. I had a great group of girls and families in my first season with Maine Juniors last year and expect nothing less this season. We didn’t have the outcome we had hoped for in our first tournament, but the girls put in the work and we brought home some hardware on more than one occasion. I want to help players reach and exceed personal goals. I want the team to develop group goals and work as a unit to accomplish them.

Why I Love Coaching:

I challenge my players to self evaluate and ask themselves the hard questions. I am the coach, yes, but the player has to want to progress and has to put in the work to get better. Nothing will be automatic and not everything is easy, but I love seeing progress made and confidence being built up in individuals who accept responsibility for their development and show up ready and willing to put in the work.
Coaching is rewarding and a fun way for me to share my passion for the sport and support young players looking to grow.

My Day Job:

Currently, I am working in a construction office to help cover an employee’s maternity leave. Prior to moving to Maine last June, I had been assisting in a local construction company’s office back in Iowa. Up until beginning the office work in Iowa in fall of 2017, I was a stay at home mom.


I grew up in Michigan and have lived in 5 states since marrying in 2001: Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Iowa, Maine.

Favorite Food:


Other Info To Share:

I have five children: 2 in high school, 1 in middle school, 2 in elementary.
I coach travel 5/6th grade boys basketball as well.
We have a toy Yorkie named Murphy.
I hold a CrossFit Level 1 Certification.
I refer to soda as pop, lollipops as suckers, and sneakers as tennis shoes.