Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson

December 17, 2021

Team: 16 Bronze Johnson

Art of Coaching Volleyball clinic
First Aid
Concussion Management
Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention

Coaching Experience:

I have been fortunate enough to be the assistant volleyball coach at Kennebunk High School since 2009, and a coach for Maine Juniors since 2017. I also coach the intramural volleyball program at the Middle School of the Kennebunks, and I have coached an elementary school volleyball program in Arundel. In the spring, I have the pleasure of coaching high jump for the middle school track team.

Playing Experience:

I have been playing volleyball for over 30 years, and I still play whenever I get the chance! I currently play in a women’s league and I play in co-ed open gyms on a regular basis. In the summer, I also like to play beach volleyball.

Coaches Outlook:

I’m looking forward to a great season! I believe that volleyball requires a very high level of teamwork, which is based on trust. I want to develop strong teamwork by encouraging each of my players to trust her teammates to do their jobs and to be a player her teammates can trust. As a team, we will elevate each player to be the best she can be. I want my players to understand the relationship between their success on the court and how much effort they put into practices. I place a lot of emphasis on good sportsmanship and a growth mindset. We will set individual and team goals, and we will celebrate achievements. We will improve skills and foster a love for the game.

Why I Love Coaching:

I love sharing my passion for the game and I get so excited when something clicks for a player and now she gets it. I look at coaching as an opportunity to form young women of character. Volleyball teaches teamwork, trust, responsibility, leadership, confidence, and so much more.

My Day Job:

My degree is in biomedical engineering, and now I do freelance work from home in a variety of areas such as Web site design, social media marketing, and light bookkeeping.


My family moved a lot when I was young, so asking me where I grew up is a trick question! My husband and I decided to raise our children in one place, and we chose to live in Kennebunk, Maine, where we’ve been since 2001. It is a great place to live!

Favorite Food:

If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be potatoes. They are good so many ways! I love most vegetables, though.

Other Info To Share:

I am married and have three children. My two daughters have graduated from college. My oldest teaches English to children in South Korea, and my other daughter died in August of 2019. My son is in high school and he competes in track and obstacle course fitness (like American Ninja Warrior). When I’m not playing volleyball, I enjoy tennis, pickleball, and cooking.