Additional Tryout Details

Maine Juniors 17 and 18 National team tryouts will be Sunday, August 13th from 12-3pm this year.

This tryout will be held before the High School season in order to alleviate the stress and burden of going directly from playoffs to club tryouts for both players and coaches.

This change will not affect the hands-off period for coaches and players as our National team coaches do not coach high school.

Following the trend of many clubs in the region, establishing teams earlier in the season allows for the teams to develop cohesion earlier and takes away an unnecessary stress of creating teams close to the beginning of club play.

Registration for large scale tournaments can begin mid-September and having our National level teams established before that is integral to choosing the best tournaments that the teams can enter.

Also, in an effort to make the planning and financial burden easier for families, the earlier tryout date allows for better information to allow families to plan around the time commitment and tournament schedule of the 17 and 18 National teams.

Registration for tryouts will open by the end of June! The tryout fee is $60.

If you have any questions or comments please reach out to