Boy’s High School Volleyball Interest in Maine

Boy’s High School Volleyball Interest in Maine

February 4, 2022

Over the last couple of years, a number of individuals have been inquiring as to why there isn’t boy’s high school volleyball in Maine. This is not a surprising question given that boys’ volleyball is already the second-fastest growing sport in the country since 2012. According to the National Federation of High School (NFHS) participation survey, there were 24 states with 2,472 schools that had a boys’ volleyball team during the 2017-18 school year with nearly 61,000 participants. Again, not surprising when you combine this growth with the growth that we have also seen in girls’ volleyball in this state.

To that end, the main purpose of this letter is to inform those of you with an interest in high school volleyball in Maine about some of the steps that some schools are going to implement within the next couple of months as we look to grow Boys’ Volleyball in the State of Maine.

Season Dates:

Monday, Feb 28th-Saturday, March 26th

The calendar of play for this year will be between the end of winter sports and the start of the spring sports session:


As we get an idea of what teams have been formed, a schedule will be created for teams to compete against each other on a weekly basis during this time. Coaches will work together to form scrimmages and matches that work best for them and their team.

End of Season Tourney / Round Robin:

An event will be held at Falmouth High School on Saturday, March 26th allowing any and all teams formed an opportunity to participate, connect, and network with each other.

Status Updates:

Currently the following schools have started the sign up process and or have started some sort of open gym / skill development time within their school, and or have voiced an interest in what other schools are doing as it relates to future dates and the plan for more formal play.

If you have any information and or update(s) as to the status of your school please let us know and we will add you to the list as it continues to grow.

If anyone was not mentioned here, our apologies. Please let us know and we’ll update.

Falmouth High School: Have had several open gym sessions in late fall, had sign ups and currently have about 24 players listed via sign ups. Falmouth has a coach and will be scheduling open gym sessions in the next couple of weeks.

Deering High School: Had a coach in place prior to Covid, has had much interest from boys wanting to play, and will start up later this winter / spring with sign-ups, etc… after the winter season. They are currently looking for a coach. Sport will be listed as a club option/offering for this season.

Cheverus High School: Girl’s Coach has indicated that there is interest in a boy’s program and is looking for the dates of play / scrimmages, and what other schools are in the process of putting together a boy’s program, etc…

Gorham High School: Has a coach available, potential gym time has been made available, and interest from a number of boy’s. The school is looking for more information regarding who is forming teams, dates of play, etc..

Marshwood High School: Requested information and updates and indicated that they wanted to continue to be updated as things start to take form.

Biddeford: Requests for information from parents, coaches with the intent of passing it along to their AD / school with the goal of having a boy’s program started.

Greely: Requests for information from parents with the intent of passing it along to their AD / school

MDI: Coach last fall stated that there was interest in forming a team.


If you already have a girl’s program, then you need no new or special equipment to form a boys’ team. The only adjustment is that the boy’s net is higher.

Training & Assistance:

If you find that you have the numbers to start a team but are lacking in having a coach to help assist in the development of proper skill set training then one of the great things about the volleyball community is the willingness to help develop the sport. Let us know if that is your situation and we will work to try and connect you with someone that can help get things going for you. Girl’s coaches, former players, USM volleyball club, Maine Jr’s, current girls’ varsity players are just some of the potential resources that are available.

Pro Points:

No additional equipment required if you already have a girl’s program

No other indoor sports programs to schedule around

NFHS VB Rules (National Federation of High School Volleyball Rules) is the same governing federation used for girls’ volleyball in Maine (same rules that have been used for all MPA girl’s programs will be used for the boy’s programs)

Schools with existing girl’s programs already have a great resource in the form of their female players who can mentor and assist a new boy’s program in their school

College Numbers

Men’s Collegiate Teams: 244

Male Participants 3929

Women’s Collegiate Teams: 1834

Women Collegiate Players: 28,796

High School National Data

452,000 Girl Participants

63,000 Boy Participants

In Summary:

There will be boys’ volleyball played in Maine between Monday, February 28, and Saturday, March 26, culminating with a round robin tourney at Falmouth High School on Saturday the 26th. We will work with any group that would like to put together a program. We are excited to watch it grow as a sport much like it has across the country. Thanks for your time, energy, and support towards this endeavor.


L. Nichols

Head Volleyball Coach

Falmouth High School