Developmental & Competitive

12U Volleyball Team

What should I expect at the 12U level?

The Maine Juniors 12U program is a developmental and competitive program. Emphasis is placed on players learning, gaining and improving the basic skills required to compete in the upper age brackets and levels of volleyball. Maine Juniors is a Gold Medal Squared (GMS) Certified Club and GMS methods are generally used from the outset in training.

Basic skills would include:

  • Passing
  • Serving
  • Setting
  • Serve Receive
  • Understanding “in system” play based on the Gold Squared Model that Maine Juniors upholds
  • Basic footwork
  • Being a part of a “work team” to help facilitate matches and learn the rules of the game
  • Sportsmanship, being a good teammate and love of the game!

Developmental Clinics

Maine Juniors offers “Introductory Clinics” for 12U players in late fall/early winter.  These are opportunities to be exposed to the skills of the sport without any long term commitment.

12U Teams & Tournaments

We also offer team experiences for 12U players starting in January and going through the first weekend in May. Practices are held on Sundays in the greater Portland area – time TBD.

We have had players as young as 3rd grade play on our 12U teams. Typically, these teams are for 4th-6th graders. 6th graders who have played 2 years with us can be considered for the 14U teams.

12U teams compete in 5 NERVA (New England Regional Volleyball Association) tournaments all held on Sundays. These are competitive tournament’s that consist of morning pool play for all teams at the tournament. After pool play teams in the “winner’s bracket” from morning play will compete in the afternoon for tournament champion.

Tournaments are held in Maine, NH and MA; usually within a 1.5 hour drive of the greater Portland area. Tournament locations are released by NERVA to Maine Juniors the week prior to the scheduled tournament. Players in 12U usually have one tournament in the local Portland area. Players should be prepared to be at the location site for 8am in most cases, end time will be based on the success rate of that particular weekend, but normally conclude between 2-4pm.

Who should play 12U Volleyball?

The 12U program is recommended for any player who meets the 12U age requirement and has less than 2 years playing experience. A large majority of our players who are successful in our National and Gold level 16U and 18U teams got their start in the 12U program.

Should you have additional questions about the 12U teams, please email us: